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January 22, 2009

Cult rumors

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Whenever I see someone talk about Landmark Education being a cult or cultlike, it always makes me laugh – It strikes me as one of those urban legends that circulates endlessly, such as the lie about Tommy Hilfiger appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show and disparaging African Americans. It’s been disproven, but still it wanders around…

This blog post is particularly amusing because it speaks to one woman’s paranoia in this regard!

Is Landmark a Cult

About 5 years ago, my college roommate invited me to a Landmark Education meeting. She was in a cult in college (complete with baptism, bible study in our room, shunning of non-cult friends), so I was suspect. But late 2007, I dated a fellow with anger issues similar to my own who also recommended it to me. At first I was offended, cursed at him, locked myself in the bathroom and he didn’t mention it again. We broke up a bit after.

But I could tell that whatever Landmark had to offer, it helped two people who were quite dear to me. I’ve tried a lot of other self help, so I thought I’d go to an information session and decide for myself. Just be open to the experience.

I must admit, I’ve fought it all the way. But I signed up for the entire program, the Landmark Forum, the Advanced Course, and am finishing up the Self Expression and Leadership Program next week. The Landmark pitch is that the education will provide courage, self-confidence, freedom from resentment and regret, peace of mind, the ability to fully express your love, the clarity to make important choices, and happiness. To my surprise, all those outcomes have occured for me this past year.

The Landmark approach isn’t for everyone. And if its a cult, then just be careful about drinking the water. But it has gotten me to write and publish after at least 18 years of being silent. Go figure.

Examine this “Self-Helped” blog for more good stuff.

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