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August 7, 2009

Landmark Education: a View from New York

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A lot of interesting reviews of Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum have been appearing in the last week or so – this one that I just noticed comes from a woman in New York is both well written and insightful. It doesn’t pretend Landmark Education is perfect, and at the same time speaks about how and why Landmark’s courses makes a powerful difference for most people. The whole article is at The Examiner.

Landmark Education: a conflicted Love Story

Landmark Education is one of the most contentious and controversial pioneers in the personal empowerment field. Most of their courses are a three-day rollercoaster that at their best, leave participants with a radically expanded sense of self and accountability to one’s own power.

I went through Landmark’s three course Curriculum for Living in 2007, and overall had a fabulous experience, despite a few issues that I’ll detail later in this essay. The introductory course is the most well known: the Forum. It can be taken alone, or as part of the larger series of two other courses that build on one another: the advanced course, and the self expression and leadership program. The purpose of the Forum is to help people determine, deconstruct and disappear limiting beliefs that they have been clinging to that get in the way of living their most fulfilling lives. The course is largely sold on its ability to inspire and motivate people into creating instant breakthroughs: that multi-million dollar opportunity after years of being broke, suddenly quitting your job to become a world traveling yogi, etc. Though the participants’ accomplishments tend to be more down to earth (healing a rift in a family relationship, asking for a long overdue raise, meeting a potential soulmate, reclaiming one’s artistic expression – these are common themes), the best thing about Landmark is that they are very adept paradigm shifters. Through a series of interactive exercises, they demonstrate the mechanics of how a shift in consciousness opens up the internal floodgates such that loftier goals do immediately become more within reach.

[Read the rest at the link above.]

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