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June 15, 2011

The Landmark Forum, Mindfulness, and the Illusion of Someday

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Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something – life gets busy and all that; you know the story.

I saw today that someone who was talking about The Landmark Forum associated it with this article on mindfulness. I notice that a lot of people do this – they associate whatever they got with the notion of being completely present in the moment with whatever you are doing. I find this curious because the Landmark Forum doesn’t actually talk about the zen concept of mindfulness – I don’t think the word has ever been used in any Landmark course I’ve done, and while the idea of being present in the moment has been mentioned, it’s hardly been the focus of any of the courses.

However, while mindfulness isn’t really talked about at Landmark, I think people bring it up because the opposite of mindfulness IS talked about at Landmark – the thought process that one is left with if one isn’t being full present in the moment. It’s what I’d call the illusion of someday, or, ‘this isn’t it’.

In the ‘illusion of someday’, it’s implied that right now things aren’t perfect, they aren’t ideal, but we’re working on it, and someday things will be much better. In this way of thinking, I may have a crappy job and my marriage isn’t idea, but I won’t think too much about it, because I’m doing the best I can, and someday, hopefully, it won’t be like this. The illusion is obvious from the outside – ‘someday’ never comes. If things are one way now, they’re likely to be that way in the future unless one mindfully alters things.

And thinking from ‘this isn’t it; my real life will start someday’ causes the exact opposite of mindfulness in the present moment – it will be what has one ‘zoned out’ as you go through your day, whether it’s washing dishes or even being with the ones you love as you try to get to someday or to get to those parts of life that one truly enjoys.

Valuing one part of life over another is consistent with living a life of trying to get through something. When this illusion is punctured, the reality of ‘this is it!’ is experienced, and the possibility of real mindfulness begins.

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  1. Good post. Thank you.

    Very apt for me today too. Just got this morning how much I’ve been thinking “this isn’t it” and “this isn’t it” for the last few weeks. So I created the possibility of enjoyment and gratitude, and today’s been very different.

    About the link people create between Landmark and being mindful or Zen in particular … Landmark’s courses draw very much on the thinking of the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, and Heidegger was also greatly admired among Zen Buddhists in Japan.

    Comment by solidgoldcreativity — June 16, 2011 @ 7:40 am

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