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April 13, 2010

Assignment: Go Make the World Work

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Those who are well acquainted with Landmark Education may know that Jerome Downes died a few months ago from heart disease. Downes both led the Landmark Forum, and headed up Landmark’s operations in Asia and was extremely well known by many people I know who took Landmark’s programmes in the Pacific Rim.

I didn’t know Downes, but I did have the opportunity to read comments posted on his website that were apparently the very last things that he said while leading the last course that he ever led (the Landmark Forum in Thailand, in November 2009). His comments were basically a charge to go make the world work. Here’s my favorite part:

Here is your homework assignment. Go make the world work. Get your family to work. Get your company to work. Get your community to work. Get your country to work.

If it’s not you, who is it going to be? If this is not it, when is it going to be it?

I know for myself that is that it is quite easy to pursue the illusion of being happy someday when the rat race is won, as opposed to realizing that in the present moment, real satisfaction mostly comes from making a difference for other people.

I strongly recommend that readers read the whole thing on Downes’ website, which powerfully expresses the urgency of making a difference now.

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