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February 23, 2009


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I’m always moved when I see someone who is genuinely appreciative of the life that they have and the people they have around them. This woman scores a perfect 10 on the appreciation scale.


It just hit me how unbelievably lucky I am. Things in my life are going so wonderfully, I never could have dreamed of such contentment and bliss in all aspects of my life. Since FUEL, things have gone so uphill, I feel like I’m in the heavens. Obviously the movie in itself was a blessing, but also to have met Jon was just the beginning. I could not have imagined such a wonderful man to share my life with. He impresses me and melts me every single day. The fullness of his love, his kindness and his protection is so empowering, I miss him every moment.

Through FUEL I also found Landmark Education, which has overwhelmingly empowered me. Half of what I have, including Jon, has stemmed from Landmark. Without it, I would not appreciate and respect Jon as much as I do. I would not care so much about being the perfect girlfriend, the woman who loves endlessly. I would be merely selfish and juvenile, a girl playing games. Without it, I would not have this strengthening relationship with my family, and my mom, especially. Since I opened up and had conversations with everyone, moments have become so much more special and light. Without it, I would not have reached for AIDS Cycle. Well, I would have reached, but I would have given up, in lack of faith. I would not work so hard alone on anything. Without it, I would not have acknowledged my best friends, building our relationship to surprising heights. Without it, I wouldn’t be as upward-moving as I am in my career.  It has been wonderful to finally become the person I’ve wanted to be.

When Jeff, my Forum leader, told his story of how he started to walk taller after Landmark, head held high, I thought he was exaggerating. But, to my gleeful surprise, it is true. I walk taller now, and I love the view.

This came from this woman’s serchingforthewords blog. I believe that the FUEL referred to in the post is the documentary film made about alternative energy that won prizes at Sundance and other film festivals (I don’t know if this is accurate, but I read that FUEL began as a Self Expression/Leadership project. I might as well show a bit from that film.

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