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December 14, 2009

e-patient Dave Advocates for Participatory Medicine

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Today’s post comes from “e-patient Dave”. e-patient Dave is Dave DeBronkart, who was featured in the Boston Globe earlier this year as example of how the new “Google Health” system of taking computerized insurance records could be extremely inaccurate and/or misleading. DeBonkart has apparently become a well-known advocate for patient rights, in particular the right of a patient to see all their medical data, giving a keynote speech on the same subject at a recent Medicine 2.0 conference.

DeBonkart mentions that the Landmark Forum was pivotal in his life in how he’s being dealing with his cancer and in his advocacy of participative medicine. The whole thing is really quite inspiring – DeBonkart has some very unfortunate circumstances, and how he’s dealt with them should be a model for us all – using tragedy and crisis as a reason to get passionately involved in making a difference, rather than succumbing to gloom or self-pity.

Read the whole “Power to the Patient” article, which also tells a bit more about Dave’s Landmark experience, on the Significant Science blog.

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